Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • READ 180, Now Available for iPad!

    READ 180, the most effective system for raising student achievement in grades 4-12+ is the most powerful tool to prepare students to meet the rigorous reading and writing expectations of the new standards. READ 180 Next Generation includes more rigor throughout, more nonfiction, new grade-level complex text, text dependent questions and tasks, new performance-based assessments, and a new Writing Zone.

    READ 180 Next Generation will ensure all students have an explicit and accelerated path to college and career readiness—and that they can translate those skills to success on the Next Generation Assessments.

  • Student Software: A Personalized Learning Path for Every Student

    • Structured support helps students apply increasingly rigorous comprehension skills as well as Higher Order Thinking skills (synthesis, analysis, and evaluation)
    • Students build fluency and stamina with the most critical type of writing in the new standards: making and supporting an argument with evidence from text
    • Systematic instruction helps students develop and use robust academic and domain-specific vocabulary that can be leveraged across the content areas
  • Educator Dashboards: Unparalleled Access to Data

    • Data snapshots of student performance drive progress monitoring, and planning
    • Today's Summary allows teachers to navigate lessons by Workshop
    • Lesson plans aligned to the new standards are accessible anytime/anywhere
  • eBooks: Content-Rich Texts in Multiple Genres

    • Reinforce writing and comprehension skills as students highlight text, take notes, and bookmark important pages
    • Navigate easily with integrated search tools such as text search, page zoom, and thumbnail view
    • Build confidence and fluency with audio support for every book
  • eReads: Rigorous Nonfiction Articles

    • Expose students to grade-level text and help them build confidence and fluency
    • Offer more choice during the Independent Reading Rotation
    • Extend reading outside the classroom—in the library, at home, or after school
  • Assessments: Actionable Data that Drives Instruction

    • Comprehensive tools to help educators differentiate instruction, provide meaningful interventions, forecast growth towards college and career readiness and demonstrate accountability
    • Authentic practice with the new item types found on the Next Generation Assessments
    • Facilitate the process of systematically exposing students to a staircase of increasingly complex text, as recommended by the new standards
    • Monitor students' understanding of key, standards-aligned skills, including Higher Order Thinking and Critical Reading Skills