Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • The NEW Student Dashboard

    Data for Ownership and Accountability

    The NEW Student Dashboard gives students more ownership and accountability by giving them access to their own performance data and tapping into research-based gaming behaviors. Integral to the personalized learning experience, students compete against themselves.

  • My Dashboard

    The Student Dashboard supports students in building executive function skills and taking ownership of their learning. The ability to see and track frequent evidence of progress builds motivation and perseverance.

  • My Reports

    Students get an at-a-glance view of their overall progress in READ 180.

  • My Personal Best

    The Student Dashboard taps into research-based gaming behaviors. Stuggling readers stay motivated by tracking their streaks and trophies earned.

  • My Collections

    Within My Topics, students track their progress and collect completed Topic Software segments. Within My Reads, students rate their favorite books and eReads and keep track of what they have read.