Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • State-of-the-Art Planning Tools

    Less Time Spent on Planning Allows More Time for Building Relationships

    The Teacher Dashboard gives teachers anytime/anywhere access to standards-aligned lesson plans, the fully web-enabled Interactive Teaching System (ITS), and point-of-use professional development videos.

  • The Interactive Teaching System (ITS)

    Anytime/Anywhere Access

    Accessible from the Teacher Dashboard, the fully web-enabled ITS connects teachers to instruction anytime/anywhere, creating a seamless path for daily differentiated instruction.

    Do Now

    A daily Do Now immediately engages students in the day's topic.


    Wrap-Ups reinforce what students have learned.

    Scaffolded Support

    Scaffolded Support "Boost" students who need additional support and "Stretch" students who are ready to be challenged.

  • Standards-Aligned Lesson Plans

    With the Teacher Dashboard, teachers have access to Lesson Plans aligned to all 50 states’ standards and the Common Core State Standards. The customizable lesson plans are pre-populated and allow teachers to add notes, save, print, and email.

  • Just-in-Time Professional Development

    Dynamic resources tied to daily instruction are embedded in the Dashboard and available at point-of-use, enabling teachers to watch a model lesson or get research tips from a program author.