Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • Small-Group Differentiated Instruction

    READ 180 Next Generation Takes Small-Group Differentiated Instruction to the Next Level

    The Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for all teachers to deliver targeted instruction. The NEW Groupinator™ recommends optimal groups for differentiated instruction, simplifying data-driven decision-making for teachers.

  • CheckPoints for Differentiation

    Help teachers understand exactly how, when, and where to differentiate instruction in Small-Group.

  • Groupinator

    The most successful READ 180 teachers group, and regroup students frequently for maximum instructional impact. Accessible via the Teacher Dashboard, the patent-pending Groupinator dynamically assigns students to groups for daily rBook instruction and Workshop CheckPoints.

  • Resources for Differentiated Instruction

    Teachers will find the appropriate resources recommended for each group and link directly to Resources for Differentiated Instruction books.

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