Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • Leveled Paperbacks and eBooks

    Rigorous Nonfiction & Literature

    READ 180 Independent Reading Library is available in Paperback or eBook format*. The READ 180 Library provides students with a choice of age-appropriate, leveled books that increase in text-complexity allowing students to read confidently according to their own abilities.

  • An Exceptional Variety of Genres

    Students read a mixture of high-interest fiction; nonfiction; plays; poetry; graphic classics; novels; historical fiction; biography; suspense; debate; and much more. Stage B contains 300 leveled books (60 titles, 5 copies of each title).

    Level 1 Paperbacks
    Lexileand#0174; Measures: 200L-450L

    • New! Against the Odds: True Teen Stories

      Rachelle Burk, Carli Entin, Nancy Honovich, and Louise Rozett
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 280L

    • Alcatraz: Prison for America’s Most Wanted

      C.J. Henderson
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • All in a Day’s Work and Other Stories

      Megan Stine, H. William Stine, and Others
      Short Stories | Lexile Measure: 270L

    • New! All Summer in a Day

      Based on the Story by Ray Bradbury
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 210L

    • The Band

      Dina Anastasio
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 220L

    • Donner Party: A Diary of a Survivor

      Tod Olson
      Historical Fiction| Lexile Measure: 310L

    • New! Don't Try This at Home: Famous Daredevils

      Meredith Phillips
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 370L

    • The Escape

      J.B. Stamper
      Suspense | Lexile Measure: 310L

    • Hear Me

      Amy Olson
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • New! The Killer Hairdo and Other Urban Legends

      J.B. Stamper
      Short Stories/Horror | Lexile Measure: 260L

    • King Arthur

      Based on the Story “The Sword in the Stone”
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 260L

    • King of the Hill

      Based on the TV Series
      Play | Lexile Measure: NP

    • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

      Based on the Autobiography by Frederick Douglass
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 220L

    • New! Tech Trek:
      From Old-School to Cutting Edge

      David Stack
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 330L

    • UFOs: Fact or Fiction?

      Laura D’Angelo
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 440L

    Level 2 Paperbacks
    Lexileand#0174; Measures: 400L-700L

    • Alison’s Trumpet and Other Stories

      Nat Hentoff, Jean Davies Okimoto, and Others
      Short Stories | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • New! Battle at Little Big Horn

      Trina Robbins
      Graphic Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 400L

    • Creatures Infest Local School!

      C.J. Henderson
      Science Fiction | Lexile Measure: 430L

    • New! Danger Is My Business: The World's Most Dangerous Jobs

      John DiConsiglio
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 530L

    • Destination: Everest

      Karen Glenn
      Play | Lexile Measure: NP

    • New! False! Popular Myths Debunked

      Gia Accardi
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 500L

    • Frankenstein

      Based on the Novel by Mary Shelley
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 300L

    • New! Great Debates:
      Sports Issues: Fair or Foul?

      Louise Rozett
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 650L

    • Happy Burger

      Chuck Ranberg and Patrick Daley
      Play | Lexile Measure: NP

    • Hiroshima

      Laurence Yep
      Historical Fiction | Lexile Measure: 660L

    • Jane Eyre

      Based on the Novel by Charlotte Brontë
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 210L

    • New! My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched

      Sienna Mercer
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 650L

    • Night Bird: A Story of the Seminole Indians

      Kathleen V. Kudlinski
      Historical Fiction | Lexile Measure: 490L

    • Secrets of Oak Park

      Karen Glenn and Denise Rinaldo
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 610L

    • The Skull Man and Other People With Cool Jobs

      Patrick Daley
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 440L

    Level 3 Paperbacks
    Lexileand#0174; Measures: 600L-900L

    • The Adventures of Captain Underpants

      Dav Pilkey
      Humorous Fiction | Lexile Measure: 720L

    • New! Belly-Busting Worm Invasions

      Thomasine E. Lewis Tilden
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 760L

    • The Big Lie: A True Story

      Isabella Leitner
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 700L

    • New! Captain Underpants and the
      Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies From Outer Space

      Dav Pilkey
      Humorous Fiction | Lexile Measure: 730L

    • New! Dive! Book One: The Discovery

      Gordon Korman
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 760L

    • Dive! Book Two: The Deep

      Gordon Korman
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 750L

    • New! 24/7: Killer Wallpaper

      Anna Prokos
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 670L

    • New! Mercy on These Teenage Chimps

      Gary Soto
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 780L

    • Money Hungry

      Sharon G. Flake
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 650L

    • Quinceañera Means Sweet 15

      Veronica Chambers
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 630L

    • Score! The Greatest Athletes of All Time

      Adam Grant, Sue Macy, and Others
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 740L

    • Summer on Wheels

      Gary Soto
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 750L

    • Visitors: Strange Invaders

      Rodman Philbrick and Lynn Harnett
      Science Fiction | Lexile Measure: 630L

    • Wait Until Dark

      J.B. Stamper
      Short Stories/Suspense | Lexile Measure: 760L

    • Won’t Know Till I Get There

      Walter Dean Mayers
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 840L

    Level 4 Paperbacks
    Lexileand#0174; Measures: 800L-1100L

    • Among the Hidden

      Margaret Peterson Haddix
      Science Fiction | Lexile Measure: 800L

    • New! Behind Rebel Lines

      Seymour Reit
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 830L

    • Classic Tales of Terror

      H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Others
      Short Stories/Suspense | Lexile Measure: 810L

    • New! The Cruisers

      Walter Dean Myers
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 810L

    • Double Dutch

      Sharon M. Draper
      Realistic Fiction | Lexile Measure: 760L

    • New! Facts of Life: Selected Stories

      Gary Soto
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 790L

    • The Good Fight: Stories About Real Heroes

      Tod Olson
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 810L

    • New! Looking For Red

      Angela Johnson
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 740L

    • Love Letters and Other Stories

      Kate Walker, Jane Yolen, and Others
      Short Stories | Lexile Measure: 820L

    • Moby Dick

      Based on the Novel by Herman Melville
      Graphic Classic | Lexile Measure: 410L

    • Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson

      Barry Denenberg
      Biography | Lexile Measure: 930L

    • New! Ten True Tales: The Rescuers: Kids Who Risked Everything to Save Others

      Allan Zullo
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 840L

    • Trapped

      George Sullivan
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 980L

    • New! Vanished: True Stories of the Missing

      Marc Tyler Nobleman
      Nonfiction | Lexile Measure: 930L

    • Zero Tolerance

      Adam Grant
      Play | Lexile Measure: NP

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