Read 180 The World’s Most Effective System for Raising Reading Achievement
  • The NEW Leadership Dashboard

    Access to Critical Data for Managing Implementation Fidelity

    The NEW Leadership Dashboard provides administrators with more visibility to their READ 180 data, enabling them to achieve a greater level of implementation fidelity.

  • Tools for Leading a Successful Implementation

    Data Snapshots

    Leaders have access to their district and school performance data for READ 180 Next Generation.

    Implementation Success

    The Managing Achievement Protocol (MAP) documents best practices for successful implementation of the READ 180 reading intervention program. The Leadership Dashboard ties data to these practices.

    Data Drill Down

    Leaders can also drill down to the individual class and student levels to monitor performance.

  • Report Scheduler

    Just as teachers can schedule reports, leaders can schedule essential school- and district-level reports.

  • Notifications

    Leaders can also opt-in to email alerts and receive notifications about program usage.